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Fifth Square New Cairo


al marasem development Fifth Square New Cairo Compound
We believe that we have an obligation to contribute to our country’s welfare. Through the efforts of the company we al marasem development strive to tangibly improve the lives and living conditions of our society. As active corporate citizens, we’ve ben ladin learned that investing in communities – with the goal of making a real difference – is not easy.

There are many good causes, many strong organizations and many people who could benefit from additional resources. Choosing where to invest can be difficult. Through our many years of experience, however, we’ve found that one characteristic can determine the success; this is why we introduce to you our latest premium project Fifth Square Compound in the heart of New Cairo.

al marasem development

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound New Cairo

The launch of the Real Estate Development activity in Egypt marks the beginning of Almarasem’s full-scale expansion into the Egyptian property development market, and strong belief in the tremendous potential inherent in Egypt’s real estate sector, topped with the recognition by the Egyptian Federation for Construction Building Contractors as a
first-rate contracting company.

A privilege we are committed to upholding by developing exceptional real estate projects that satisfy the aspirations of thousands of Egyptian families.

Almarasem Development, boasting 20 years of experience in Egypt and 86
worldwide, is now exclusively yours.



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